Teeth Whitening

There are not many things more beautiful than a shiny white and sparkling smile. But it’s hard to keep the teeth as bright white as we want them to be without some assistance from the dentist.

Teeth Whitening Before and After.Professional teeth whitening procedures you get at the dentist are effective and safe. Plus, it is usually not a very expensive treatment. Dependent on the type of teeth whitening treatment picked, the end results can be amazing.

For instance, getting professional teeth cleaning done at the dentist can result in your teeth becoming between three and eight shades lighter in a mere hour.

Professional Whitening Procedures

Professional whitening uses special gels with a high concentration of bleach that isn’t an over the counter option.

  • Teeth Whitening Options.Whitening In-Office — This method provides the quickest results via the strongest whitening solutions existing. Firstly, the surface of the teeth roots and the gums are covered by a special barrier to protect you. Then, a narrow plastic tool called as a retractor holds the cheeks and lips from the teeth and the special professional-strength hydrogen peroxide gel gets painted onto the teeth. After around 60 minutes, the gel is removed, and you will see the clear results instantly.
  • Take-Home Whitening — Another great way to get whiter teeth is whitening done at home. However, the patient must take more responsibility for making sure they get the top results, and it could take a few weeks to get the teeth as white as you may desire. Firstly, an impression is made of the teeth. Then, they will custom make you two very thin and flexible mouth trays made of plastic. One is used on the bottom and the other on the top. The trays are filled with the special whitening gel and placed over the top of the teeth. Normally these trays are left in place for around 60 minutes.

Taking Care of Your New Whiter Teeth

Many things can be done to ensure the results of a teeth whitening lasts a good long time. This varies depending on the person, but results can normally last for between six months and two years or up.

First, you must keep up your normal daily flossing and brushing of the teeth, as well as keep getting your professional cleanings done at the dentist. Avoid eating foods or drinking things that could stain the teeth, such as red wine, coffee or tea.

Smokers can use their bright new smile as an incentive to stop, which is a great idea anyway. You may need a small whitening touch up occasionally, which can be done at the dentist or at home, to maintain a bright, beautiful white smile for several years.

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